Portal SAPS Ditutup Sementara Atas Faktor Keselamatan Ekoran Dakwaan Pencerobohan Data

SAPS Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan Sekolah ditutup sementara waktu oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia atas sebab-sebab faktor keselamatan berikutan dakwaan pencerobohan data di dalam sistem tersebut.

portal saps ditutup sementara

Berikut kenyataan Menteri Pendidikan Maszlee Malik yang dipetik dari Malay mail sebagaimana di bawah,,,

“The Ministry of Education’s SAPS system has been suspended due to security concerns over an alleged attack on the system,” said Maszlee.

On behalf of the ministry, I apologise for any alarm caused, but I am personally looking into the issue and have taken immediate action.

“We are currently analysing the claims, which were sent to our ministry on Saturday. As a precautionary measure, I have instructed the ministry to temporarily shut down the system.”

The portal launched in 2011 allows parents and students to check their examination results by entering their identification card numbers.

According to a source that revealed the breach to the media, he claimed the system had undergone an interface and code upgrade that had caused its weaknesses.

In light of this, Maszlee added that the ministry was also conducting an in-depth security analysis to identify weaknesses in the system.

“In the long term, we will update our project management and risk management process for all of our projects to prevent issues like this from reccurring,” said Maszlee.

SAPS Online is a portal for students and their parents to access their examination results online, by entering the students’ MyKad number.

The data can also be retrieved by the District Education Office, National Registration Department and the Education Ministry.

“Great system, but the backend is a total failure They store millions of records of students’ detail, but they never hide this information. Some very personal details can be accessed without permission, and they are just ignoring it.

“The system has been flawed since day one,” said the anonymous source.

SAPS was launched in 2011. The source told Malay Mail he had only recently discovered the vulnerability after it updated its interface, and presumably parts of the code.

Sumber : Malay Mail.

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